Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stone Harbor, a Concord Managed property also in PCB

As poorly as Concord runs this place it has yet to get as bad as our ugly sister community Stone Harbor which is located about 2 miles from here.

They have the same builder and same layout as we have here at NCC.  Their tenants are section 8 and other welfare types and while you see about six evictions a year here they run a routine 5-6 a month.  Just so far this month they filed on: MATTHEW MALTAS, TONYA WARREN,  NICOLE PHILBROOK, RICK SNOOK,  and CRAIG KELLY. 

If you want to see more info on this 'sister' community you can take a look at:  http://stoneharborsucks.blogspot.com/.  Concord manages about 140 residential complexes and most of them look just like Nautilus Cove.