Monday, October 1, 2012

RE: Knology Service at NCC

Knology serves 13 markets in the Southeast and Midwest, offering over 200 channels of digital cable TV, including HD programming, local and long distance digital telephone service with the latest enhanced voice messaging features and high-speed Internet access that enables consumers to quickly download video, audio and graphic files using a cable modem.

Customers can choose from individual services or bundle all three together to maximize their savings onto a single bill.

Knology is offering a $150 credit to residents who are concerned about the satellite companies charging them a cancellation fee. If you end up dropping a service and have to pay a penalty you can get that $150 credit on your Knology account. Appointments generally take a week. The phone porting process with AT&T takes 5 business days.

Also it is possible now to have dual services, both a satellite dish connection and Knology. Since the other dish services have foreign channels available that Knology does not have some residents wanted to keep the dish service to access those channels. Knology has the splitters available so that this can be accomplished.

Division Headquarters: 235 W 15th St
Panama City, FL 32401-2230
(850) 215-6100 for new service contact:
Web site:

Misc Info:  As far back as the 12/20/09 AGM it was reported that the CAM Mrs Dobbins was talking to Knology about establishing service at the condo and buying out the MDU contract.  Comcast was also being contacted.  No interest by either.