Monday, October 26, 2015

So is this Blog 'OPEN' or is it 'CLOSED'?

Neither is entirely correct. 

This blog goes back to 2007 when I purchased here, but I sold my condo in January 2013 and of course my interest level has dropped considerably.

Still there is quite a lot of information here that is of value to Owners, Renters or those considering a purchase, so the blog will remain so all can access the info, it just won't be added to very often.

Bill Harris

Monday, January 26, 2015

What is on the market now at NCC?

106 Cape Cod Dr Panama City Beach, FL 32407
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 3
Approx Sq Ft: 1430
106 Cape Cod Dr 
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
MLS #: 626521
Subdivision: Nautilus Cove Condo
4bedroom/ 3Bath Condo in gated community of Nautilus Cove. Project amenities include 24 hour gate, lush landscaped grounds, great pool area, clubhouse,...
Contact Jennifer Mackay at (850) 774-6582 to inquire about this property. 
Listing Provided Courtesy Of Land & Stand Llc
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 3
Approx Sq Ft: 1400
1404 Lighthouse Rd 
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
MLS #: 626624
Subdivision: Nautilus Cove Condo
Very spacious 4 bedroom/3 bathroom 1st floor condo in the gated community of Nautilus Cove. This condo has two master bedrooms. The dishwasher is less than a...
Contact Jennifer Mackay at (850) 774-6582 to inquire about this property. 
Listing Provided Courtesy Of Counts Real Estate Group, Inc
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2
Approx Sq Ft: 1195
1601 Cape Cod Dr 
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
MLS #: 626523
Subdivision: Nautilus Cove Condo
3 bedroom/ 2 Bath Condo in gated community of Nautilus Cove. This unit is in excellent condition and as good if not better than new. New designer floor tile...
Contact Jennifer Mackay at (850) 774-6582 to inquire about this property. 
Listing Provided Courtesy Of Land & Stand Llc
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2
Approx Sq Ft: 1195
1001 Lighthouse Rd 
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
MLS #: 626969
Subdivision: Nautilus Cove Condo
Welcome to Nautilus Cove, a gated community in the heart of Panama City Beach! This is a 3BR/2BA first floor unit that is very lovely inside. Features...
Contact Jennifer Mackay at (850) 774-6582 to inquire about this property. 
Listing Provided Courtesy Of Scott Ingraham Real Estate Group
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2
Approx Sq Ft: 965
513 Lighthouse Rd 
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
MLS #: 626522
Subdivision: Nautilus Cove Condo
This 2 bedroom/2bath unit is in very, very good condition and was just entirely painted inside. Unit has vaulted ceilings in the living and dining area....

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nautilus Cove Condo Information

NCC is in Panama City Beach which is located in the Florida panhandle (Bay County) about halfway between Tallahassee and Pensecola.  There are 168 condos in 16 2 story buildings.

This is a low income condo which was initially built as an apartment complex as was the sister community in PCB called 'Stone Harbor' (see:  Both look very similar.  At some point the developer decided that the property should be a condo and sold them as such.  56 units remained unsold when the bottom fell out of the condo market and today all these and most owned units are rented out as low income apartments.  Over the years the Developer has tried several times to sell all the units in a 'bulk sale', so far no luck.

Most of the units at NCC are rented out, only 1 in 7 condos are occupied by the actual owners.  

For Your Information: 
You can see Owners List's, Delinquency List's and old condo newsletters at: and you can click on this direct link to see the meeting minutes for the last 6 years:, for 185 NCC photos see:

There is also an under used message board for NCC found at:   

also look at:
Declaration of Condo:
By-Laws of NCC -
NCC Articles of Incorporation -
Rules and Regulations -
New 10/4/10 Condo Management Agreement -

Old Condominium Management Agreement -
Budgets of 2012, 2012 Balance Sheet of 10/2010 -
6 NCC Newsletters:

Contact the 2015 NCC Board of Directors  Barbara Simmons, President (Unit 802)
Joseph Vanderwerff, Jr, VP (Unit 514)  Norman Knight, Secty/Treasurer, Developer's Representative
Office Tel:  235-1009
Office Fax:  235-1282

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I see that the PC paper has a long article about Spring Break: and what is going to be happening with it in PCB/PC.
1st time I was in PCB/PC was via Greyhound to Spring Break 1965 then I was not there until 2006 when I rented a condo at 2100 Beach Blvd.
Here is p. 1 of 5 pages of the item, use the link to see the other pages:

Commissioners express ire over Spring Break

SIZED Spring Break
Spring breakers party at a concert on Panama City Beach on March 22. County commissioners approved code changes Tuesday to tone down Spring Break.
HEATHER LEIPHART | News Herald Photographer | Twitter: @PCNH_Heather
Published: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 11:53 AM.
PANAMA CITY — Bay County commissioners on Tuesday approved code changes to tone down Spring Break that mirror those passed by Panama City Beach but not before venting their frustration that the city didn’t go far enough.
Commissioners approved closing down all bars in the unincorporated area at 2 a.m. in the month of March, just as the Panama City Beach ordinance calls for within city limits. But commissioners Tuesday also questioned why the early closing times are only in March when Spring Break lasts several weeks longer than that.
“Why is it just March?” Commissioner Bill Dozier asked. “I don’t understand that instead of just the full Spring Break.”
Commissioner Mike Thomas, whose district covers the beach, replied: “I don’t understand it either, but that’s what they voted on.”
He said he was surprised when the Beach City Council only scaled back the hours in March.
“But I’ve been surprised several times lately over this,” Thomas said. “When they ask for a recommendation from the sheriff and they got it, they didn’t exactly follow it, and that surprised me.” 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Evictions from #708 and #513

#1001 On the Market for $119,900

Listed as of 12/17/14, this 3/2 ground floor originally sold to Ann Henry 6/22/07 for $164,900 and on 11/25/13 went to Joann Dance for $96,000 it is now on the market again with MLS #626969.



Evictions from #708 and #513
708?  Now that is a familiar unit number, where did I hear of that before??

Oh yeah, I use to own it until I sold it back to the developer, furnished, for $93,000.  Then it got rented out to Nicholas Boos, native of PCB and former Dave and Busters employee.  Now evicted from my old unit.

Couldn't care less, I'm just glad I'm out of Nautilus Cove.  You can see the quality of renters that Concord Management lets into NCC.  
 Nicholas Boos:

Case Number:  14002769CC
Clerk File Date:  11/25/2014
County Civil   Uniform Case Number:  032014CC002769CCXXXX
Status Date:  12/9/2014    EVICTIONS   Status:  CLOSED


  12/9/2014 FINAL JUDGMENT OF EVICTION - Recorded (OR.3660.1883 / 2014064538)
  12/9/2014 SENT EMAIL TO ATTY
  12/9/2014 CASE CLOSED
  11/25/2014 PAYMENT $195.00 RECEIPT #2014071449
  11/25/2014 CLK TF/DOR SUMMONS SC ASSESSED $10.00
  11/25/2014 CASE FILED 11/25/2014 CASE NUMBER 14002769CC



Nancy J Potratz and Josh Dutton, 513 Lighthouse Rd Panama City Beach, FL 32407, Tel (269) 668-5587
  12/11/2014 PAYMENT $195.00 RECEIPT #2014074334
  12/11/2014 CLK TF/DOR SUMMONS SC ASSESSED $10.00
  12/11/2014 CASE FILED 12/11/2014 CASE NUMBER 14002888CC

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What is on the market as of 12/7/14 at NCC?

513   Cape Cod DR, a 2/2,  List Price $111,500,  MLS#:   626522
106   CAPE COD DR a 4/3, ListPrice:  $131,900, MLS#:  626521

1601 CAPE COD DR a 3/2, ListPrice:  $120,900, MLS#:  626523
    (all 3 owned by:   Theodore Georgekopoulos)
1404 Lighthouse Rd, a 4/3, List Price $127,500, MLS#:  626624
     (owner: Theo Sexton)

Details at:

If you want to see all info posted on the site about these units or any others, just put their numbers into the white search bar at the top left of the blog and bring up all posts.

Could Golf Carts Be Coming to Nautilus Cove?

'Back Beach Road eyed for golf cart crossing in Panama City Beach'

See the long article at:

"The crossing would allow the residents to drive their carts across Back Beach Road to the Nautilus Station plaza, which has a Carrabba’s restaurant, Beef ‘O’Brady’s, a UPS store and other businesses."

“We’d definitely support that crossing. It would be great,” said Gibson, who is secretary of the Bid-A-Wee Beach Park neighborhood association."

NCC is next to the referenced strip mall and 'if' any NCC residents had a golf cart they could use it to cross over to the Bid A Wee area and go to the beach or shops on Front Beach Road and even travel to the shops at Pier Park.

The number of residents who might take advantage of such a crossing would probably be somewhat limited as both the costs of a golf cart and a place to park it would require some serious thought both by the resident and the association.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

#905 Back on the Market

On 10/28/14 NCC released the May 2012 lien and acknowledged payment of the outstanding $7,865.25.

The 4/3 vacant, parking lot side, 2nd Fl unit is again on the market, this time for $95,000 as a short sale under MLS 412664.  #905 was originally purchased by Matthew Hooke on 9/14/07 for $179,900.  Taxes run $1,028 yearly.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who is your NCC CAM (Office Manager)?

He is a former PCB cop who resigned after a condo brawl which resulted in his department and himself being sued by an injured owner. He is now managing your condo.

By Jan Bergemann
Published March 7, 2014

Most of us have seen association meetings getting very emotional. That’s no miracle since the topics of home and money stir up minimum as many emotions in human beings as religion and politics.

Shouting matches are actually pretty common in such meetings. I have watched many videos of meetings of board and/or membership meetings turning pretty wild. I guess some folks wish they would have never said what was shown on tape if they watch it a day later. Too many people are making an a.. out of themselves at such meetings. Never forget: Civilized meetings definitely create better results!

But not all heated discussions just end in verbal exchanges with lots of screaming and yelling.

Some of these emotional discussions actually don’t stop with threats, some really turn physical. Over the years there have been many reports in the media about actual fights at such meetings and people even going to jail over it.

I still remember the story from Ocala where two homeowners attacked a representative of developer Zacco at a meeting of concerned owners (see: Meeting turns violent; two arrested). For these two the meeting ended in jail. It seems the name Zacco stirs up lots of emotions in Ocala ’s communities as we could see at a recent HOA meeting organized by the Division and Senator Hays. I think most owners in that area feel that the police should rather arrest some Zacco family members instead of homeowners.

It doesn’t happen too often that such meetings turn violent, but most often it is foreseeable that it might happen. There are a lot of warning signs popping up before such confrontational meetings! And the people in charge should take notice – before somebody ends up in the hospital or the jail.

Sometimes an off-duty police officer in uniform will stop the feuding parties from getting physical.

But police officers can as well create a lot of havoc at owners’ meetings. Remember the case of the Fontainebleau Terrace Owners’ Association in Panama City Beach , where police officer Donald Nichols, in an attempt to help his “buddy” Cam Ray McDonald, actually started the violence and arrested a condo owner, injuring others? (THIS IS A CONDO BUST -- NOT A DRUG BUST!). The police department was sued and police officer Nichols resigned. But guess what: He became a licensed CAM (License Number CAM36678*). I guess he chose that profession in order to be able to continue his bullying tactics?

But in most instances hiring a police officer will guarantee a more peaceful meeting – meaning the expense of paying an officer to be present at the meeting pays dividend. Shouldn’t we all be able to look forward to a nice community meeting without screaming, yelling or even a brawl?

Read more:

* Licensee Information
               Name:   NICHOLS, DONALD C (Primary Name)
               Main Address:    91 WINDRIDGE CT, PANAMA CITY BCH  Fla  32413
               County: BAY       
  License Information
               License Type:      Community Association Manager
               Rank:     CAM      License Number:  CAM 36678
               Status:   Current, Active
               Licensure Date:  05/07/2010         Expires: 09/30/2016


Stang v. City of PCB and Donald Nichols

Post by ADMIN. on less than a minute ago

I was looking for that Fontainebleau Terrace case in the Federal Civil filings for the N. District of Florida, but seems it never made it to Federal Court. 

I did find a 2006 case where the mother of a man that Donald C. Nichols arrested sued both the PCBPD and Nichols as her son eventually killed himself, all the charges had by then been dropped from Felony to Misd then dropped all together. The arrest was so baseless no one would take it to court.

The Civil Counts charged were:

  •  1  False Arrest/False Imprisonment
  •  2  Battery
  •  3  Excessive Force
  •  4  Negligent Hiring/Retention/Supervision
  ("Defendant City knew or should have known of Defendant Nichols' propensity to violate the rights of detainees and to use excessive force.")

The civil case was settled for the mother and estate, no idea what the award was.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Board Problems Grow at Nautilus Cove

Misc FYI:   In the matter of NCC conflicts, things are now taking a turn for the worse with one of the owners sending an Anonymous email to the VP. You can see this at:

Further, although sent with no name/unit number I do know who the author is due to having had other input from this person during my tenure with wording the same as in this more recent letter.

This years BOD election shapes up as being very contentious and will see the Developer Board member continue and not subject to 'election' but the 2 owner Board members will probably run again, the current Assn. VP having already indicated that this is her intention.   

Should the current Assn President run and be elected you can count on her and the Developer member voting together and cutting the current VP out of any role in the condo.  We have seen this before when during my time at the condo the Developer member teamed up with the Assn. owner Pres Lenny DiGiocomo to cut out the then serving VP from any role in the condo.

In my opinion, based on many years of having to deal with the Developer, any owner who aligns themselves with a Developer Board Member is representing Developer interests and is not be representing the Owners.

We will have to see how this works out but it will probably be a lot messier before things are resolved.

When I left in Jan of 2013 things were not going well and I was standing for the BOD on the sole platform of removing Condord Management from the property.  

The Developer which is partners with Concord in many ventures, including NCC, offered me a bit above the going market rate for units at NCC and I took advantage of this to unload the condo even though it was at a loss of $78,000.

The author of the newsletter was then President and later she changed places with Ms Webber and took the VP position.  Now there are continued problems at the condo as outlined in the newsletter.

Below is the text followed by the harder to read images of the items


NAUTILUS COVE (Newsletter)

Non-Functioning Board of Directors
Aug 30, 2014

Over the past year, bicycles parked in common areas has become an eyesore and makes Nautilus Cove Condominiums appear to be a transient property. After notifying Concord Management’s Property Manager, Ms. Lorie Blue, to notify all owners to first, remove them from common areas and if not compliant, to have them towed from the property within a reasonable period of time. This instruction has been given to Ms. Blue on numerous occasions without any action being taken, other than the comment “I’m working on it”. 

After a reasonable time and with no action taken, I sent a letter of violation to all Owners that bikes parked in common areas of property would be towed with a date of towing. 

I did so because the Management Firm does not abide by their contract that states they will enforce all Rules and Regulations of the Association. For this same reason, they will not have their contract renewed and we have hired another Management Firm. 

If The Association does not enforce ALL our R&Rs and a tenant or owner files a lawsuit against us, it is The Association that will pay if the plaintiff wins in court. (And that is the exact case The Association was presented with when the Owner of Unit 708 filed a lawsuit that Nautilus Cove was not enforcing the Rules and Regulations. This suit was settled out of court and The Association (The Owners) paid $7,000 to the Owner of 708. This suit was filed upon The Association because it would not enforce the Rule & Regulation regarding dogs on property). 

To continue, the date passed for towing of the bikes still on property as I was delayed in taking action due to my husband’s hospitalization. The Board Members and the Fines Committee were copied on all correspondence without any feedback. I then sent another letter to Owners again with an extension of towing date. I had no contact or correspondence from Ms. Webber regarding this issue, as she states in her letter. If she would have instructed me not to have them towed, I would have explained that she does not have the authority to refuse to enforce the Rules and Regulations, etc. 

It should also be noted, that the President chose to send this letter immediately after I had posted a towing tag on a vehicle parked in a non-numbered parking space near the 8 Building that had an expired vehicle tag since 6/14. I advised the Concord Management Property Manager, Lorie Blue, to call the towing company and if the violation was not corrected by the following day, to have the vehicle towed. Once again, the vehicle still sits in the parking space with expired tags as I send you this letter. Note that this violation is also addressed in Item 2, above. Turns out, the vehicle is a friend who is staying with the President in her unit. I ask, why does The President feel she does not have to follow the Rules & Regulations as everyone else does? 

In December, 2013, the Secretary/Treasurer, Norman Knight, was appointed to the Board by the Developer, and the President, Jaime Webber was appointed by the Board Members, I stepped down to the Vice-President’s position. At that time, I had many personal commitments to fulfill and simply did not feel I would be able to be as diligent in fulfilling the President’s position as I had done for the previous two years. In no way, did I feel that I no longer had an obligation to fulfill my fiduciary responsibilities to Owners, though. As time passed, I became quite concerned as the President informed me that I should direct all questions and issues to the Property Manager, as she was too busy. I sent a letter in response informing her that this is not how an Association worked. It is the Association who directs and informs the Property Management Company of what needs to be done or corrected. To date, I have not had a response from The President. 

Since our Board has a President that does not follow the Rules and Regulations herself, (Bikes parked on common ground, a dog that is over 36 pounds that has not been given written permission, and having a vehicle with expired tags of an un-registered occupant, I do not feel that I should be held responsible for payment of the charge for towing. 

If fact, it is the Management Firm who should pay this bill for directly refusing to enforce Nautilus Cove Rules and Regulations! And that is what I stated in an email I sent to Ms. Blue (copies to other Board Members, also).

I would appreciate your input regarding the following questions–

1. Should Nautilus Cove continue enforcing all Rules and Regulations?
2. Should the cost of Attorney Fee for this certified and recorded document be applied to the President as it is unwarranted and towing was in accordance with our Rules and Regulations, By-Laws and Declaration?
3. Should the Vice President be assessed for this invoice?
4. Should my account be charged with a delinquency if not paid?
5. Do you feel that abiding by the Rules and Regulations warrants a threat of removal from the Board?
6. Should Concord be responsible to payment of this bill for non-compliance?
7. Should the Board increase the number of positions on the Board from 3 to 5?
8. Should the Board indicate on Future Board Member Voting Ballots the position each candidate is running for, as opposed to the Board selecting the Position to be Held?

If you reply, it is important that you send it to ALL Board Members listed below;

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the Association, its Owners, and its residents in the future. Speaking of continued service, I want to let all those who have been asking if I plan to run for President of The Board again. Yes, I do. I appreciate all of you so much and the interest taken by all of you to assure this resort continues to be known as one of the finest, first-class resorts on Panama City Beach.

Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns we may address.

Babs Simmons
Nautilus Cove Resort 
Homeowners Assoc.


Letter from President to Vice-President
Mrs. Barbara Simmons
802 Cape Cod Drive
Panama City Beach, FL32408

Re: Towing of Bicycles

Dear Barbara--

This letter is written in response to your unilateral action of having bicycles towed from the property last week without Board approval and against my specific instructions. As a result of your actions the Association incurred an expense of $177.50 to retrieve the bicycles and a basketball hoop on behalf of the owners. Hopefully, this will prevent the Association being sued for your actions.

I have discussed this situation with legal counsel and I have been advised that the expense associated with obtaining the return of the bicycles can be assessed against you. Because I told you not to have the bicycles towed, J feel you should be the one to shoulder this expense. I am therefore enclosing a copy of the invoice, addressed to you, and requesting that you pay the invoice immediately. If you do not pay the invoice, the Association will pay it and assess your account. If you do not pay this obligation, you will be considered delinquent and will be treated accordingly. It could result in your removal from the Board.

In the future I ask that you not undertake unilateral actions as a Board member and that you abide by the decisions of the Board and its officers so we do not have a repeat of this type of situation. This includes writing violations to residents or owners. Violations will be reported to the management company for formal violation letters and action.

Jaime Webber

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