Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This needs some attention:

We have something going on here at NCC which is causing needless turmoil and upset and it needs to stop.

I received an anonymous letter postmarked June 6th, it contained only a single page downloaded from the State of Florida Corrections Dept about a resident currently residing here at NCC.

Initially I thought it was sent to me in error by someone believing I had some position with the condo due to my blog site. I re mailed it to the appropriate person at NCC for their information.

Due to more recent developments I think it was sent to me on purpose with the belief that I would put it on my blog site and thus cause embarrassment to the resident. I did not use the information.

Now six posts have been made in recent weeks on a message board I have, the direct click on link is:  

These six posts were made by the same person using 3 different screen names, what the poster did not realize is that message boards show their owners (me) the IP address of those posting.
The IP addresses are all from a static IP located in Panama City using 3 posts say how great the condo is, 2 provide information and links about the resident mentioned above and one post provides a link that takes you to an arrest 8 years ago of our former maintenance manager (there was no conviction, charges tossed out).

I believe I have a very good idea of who is busy causing these problems and harassing the mentioned people, I have furnished information to a BOD member and the Regional Manager at Concord and the BOD.
One thing I noticed was that the activity on my message boards was done only M-F during normal business hours of 8: 54 a.m. to 5:53 p.m. EST, never on Sat/Sunday or July 4th.
Here are the six posts from the message board FYI or go directly to

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(Note: I have redacted 98% of this post, leaving only the link, as it is information that does not need further publicity, it remains on the site, so if you are really interested you can find it there in detail or click the link)

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Karen G
Re: Concord Management - What is your opinion?
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All with a grain of salt. It is easy to spout off when one is disgruntled. The new guy seems to be doing a great job.

Karen G
Re: Concord Management - What is your opinion?
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Dealings have been fine with bd and mgmt. and the blog man. Maintenance comes and goes with the several mgt companies. Looking good here now is what counts.


Kids Mom
Re: Concord Management - What is your opinion?
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Karen G
Re: Association v. Management Company - Who Controls
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This BOD is definitely calling the shots.
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MISC: It seems that there is some information being circulated that the maintenance man quit or resigned. I checked into that and it is not correct. The State of Florida states that he was 'terminated'. This aparantly came about after the CAM had an argument with him and fired him then told him not to return to the property.

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