Friday, July 30, 2010

Concord Management - Problems with them continue

Regular readers of this blog might be aware of my opinion that both the Board of Directors, which really means the complex developers, and Concord Management are uninterested and unresponsive to the Owners here at Nautilus Cove.  The below outgoing email to the 'office' here at NCC summarizes the latest issue that both the BOD and Concord have chosen to ignore.

My initial phone conversations with the Concord Secretary Melissa Melvin on 7/15 raised issues she was uninformed on and I was told that the inquirys would  be forwarded to someone else and I would be contacted.  No one has contacted me.

Hopefully, when we finally have the 2nd owner member on the BOD we will quickly replace Concord with some other management firm.  Here is a copy of my email of today: 

Sent to:

2nd Follow up to unanswered July 19th inquiry about Nautilus Cove Condo

On July 19th I wrote to you: "You were going to have 'someone get back to me' regarding several issues I raised with you last Thursday. So far I have not gotten any contact from Concord."

My inquiry of July 15th remains unanswered. I want to know as follows:

1) Were quarterly dues payments incorrectly deposited into the Developers account rather than into a Nautilus Cove Condo account. You will recall that I had sent you a copy of the endorsement on the back of my own check showing what I believed to be the incorrect deposit.

2) Why is there no Community Assn. Manager (CAM) at Nautilus Cove since approx July 7th.

I now further inquire as to whether Concord Management is going to reduce their monthly billing to reflect that your firm is NOT providing the required level of representation as required by the Management Agreement. I am concerned that we are being billed top dollar for a CAM and are only getting a secretary. So is Concord going to adjust their billing to reflect this lower level of service.

Please now keep in mind that unless I receive a timely and on point reply to the questions raised over two weeks ago that I will make a formal complaint to DBPR in Tallahassee and ask them to investigate the matter.

Bill Harris
Owner #708

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Only foreclosures are selling and at greatly reduced prices-

#716, one of the 4 Waterstone foreclosed units is available for $89,900 'as is' or best offer. MLS #535022. This has been unoccupied since 12/09 and has minimal furniture. Having been up there I know it needs a paint job and new carpeting.  2 of the 4 Waterstone/Compass Bank units have already sold, 714 for $89,000 and 712 at $94,000.  Original price on this upstairs 3/2 courtyard side was $165k.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How is Nautilus Cove Being Marketed?

Short answer is:  As an Apartment Complex
The 'Management Company' that in effect runs Nautilus Cove is Concord Management.  This is their 2nd tour here, first we had Seagrove on the Beach, then Concord then Seagrove and then Concord for the 2nd time.  Seagrove was a dud, I would rate them about D and Concord is at best a C-.  Here is a quote from their site:  "Nautilus Cove:  As one of Concord Management’s showcase communities, Nautilus Cove is located near essential shopping with unparalleled dining. The finest appointments have been chosen to define distinction and enhance the vitality of your living experience. Our futuristic vision of affordable living is at Nautilus Cove Apartment Homes. Our progressive design will set the trend for contemporary living." 

Here is a direct link to their site:  

There are 168 condos here, 57 are unsold developer units that Concord rents out on their behalf.  The office manager for Concord spends 50% of their effort on the Developers business and 50% presumably on NCC business.  This info is from the old CAM here who gave the 50% info at one of the Annual General Meetings.  We budget $70,000 a year for Concord but we only get 50% effort by them.

Clearly the tail is wagging the dog here.  We have 111 privately owned units and 57 Developer units but we have only a part time office manager for our own business.  When we get control of the condo with the election of the 2nd Board of Director member we will have a good opportunity to toss out Concord and put in a management firm that will handle the Nautilus Cove business.

If Concord wants to rent office space for a leasing agent then we can provide them with one at a monthly rental to be determined.  Our new management firm will NOT be shilling for Concord or the Developer, they will work only on Nautilus Cove business. 

We need 2 new BOD members that will take charge of the complex and not put up with any Concord or Developer BS.  This complex is ours and should and will be run by the owners.  You might have noted that although Concord initially set the date of the election of the 2nd BOD member at July 25th, when Norman Knight (, of Concord and both a BOD member and the President of the Association found out about the date, within 2 hours he emailed me that the date was incorrect and not authorized and there would be no election on 7/25 despite what Concord had said to the DBPR in Tallahassee 8 months previously.  They will delay this election until the last possible day as they know that the Concord/Developer rule here at Nautilus Cove is coming to an end. 

Here is the contact infor for our 3 BOD members.  Keep in mind that in 3 years I have only gotten one incoming from any BOD member, so don't hold your breath waiting to hear from any of them:

Leonard DiGiacomo (Owner of #616)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Now and then there is a problem -

Something came to my attention with my quarterly dues payment ($675) it had been deposited to the Regions account of  'Nautilus Development Partners', this is the old Gulf Boulevard Partners that most of us purchased our condos from.

This seemed a bit odd. We should have our own bank account for 'Nautilus Cove Condomnium Assn, Inc' a Non Profit Corporation and logically our funds should go into that account. I believe the office has the first account for depositing rent checks for the developers units and we should have an account for our funds. Now I am making some assumptions here, I don't actually know for sure. I did inquire to the Melissa Melvin in the office if quarterly dues checks had inadvertently been put into the wrong account. (Hey, maybe it is in the right account? I'm just asking.)

Ms. Melvin, who is NOT a Community Assn Manager could not provide the answer to this and other questions (3 actually) and she was to have someone 'get back to me'. This was last Thursday. Haven't heard a peep out of anyone. I also emailed our Owner/Director to make sure he was in the loop and asked for him to phone or email me. Haven't heard anything.

My complaint here is not so much that the funds ended up in the wrong account, I really don't know if they did or did not, and even if they did make an error it can easily be fixed. The complaint is that both Concord Management and the Board of Directors still will NOT communicate with owners here who have legitimate concerns on how the complex is being operated.

We need a good house cleaning, getting rid of Concord Management and electing 2 new Owner BOD members will be a good start.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some interesting sections of the Fla Condo Act

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