Monday, July 19, 2010

Now and then there is a problem -

Something came to my attention with my quarterly dues payment ($675) it had been deposited to the Regions account of  'Nautilus Development Partners', this is the old Gulf Boulevard Partners that most of us purchased our condos from.

This seemed a bit odd. We should have our own bank account for 'Nautilus Cove Condomnium Assn, Inc' a Non Profit Corporation and logically our funds should go into that account. I believe the office has the first account for depositing rent checks for the developers units and we should have an account for our funds. Now I am making some assumptions here, I don't actually know for sure. I did inquire to the Melissa Melvin in the office if quarterly dues checks had inadvertently been put into the wrong account. (Hey, maybe it is in the right account? I'm just asking.)

Ms. Melvin, who is NOT a Community Assn Manager could not provide the answer to this and other questions (3 actually) and she was to have someone 'get back to me'. This was last Thursday. Haven't heard a peep out of anyone. I also emailed our Owner/Director to make sure he was in the loop and asked for him to phone or email me. Haven't heard anything.

My complaint here is not so much that the funds ended up in the wrong account, I really don't know if they did or did not, and even if they did make an error it can easily be fixed. The complaint is that both Concord Management and the Board of Directors still will NOT communicate with owners here who have legitimate concerns on how the complex is being operated.

We need a good house cleaning, getting rid of Concord Management and electing 2 new Owner BOD members will be a good start.