Monday, February 27, 2012

Our pool/deck is now open year around.

The pool is now open year around.  The 'Grand Opening' pool party had only six units represented, probably due to the weather being 46F at 9 a.m.  I am sure that there will be few if any folks in the pool during the winter, but having the 5,200 sq ft pool deck open will allow all residents to use the tables, chairs and umbrellas on nice days to socialize and enjoy our mild North Florida winters.

This opening is due to the 'new' Board of Directors getting this done.  If it were up the the management company the pool would be closed for 5 months during winter and in fact when both opening the pool and having better hours during summer was brought up at the 1/14/12 AGM the CAM was not only against both ideas but stated that there would be an extra cost to us of $800 per month if it was opened.  This was totally incorrect and just shows what a bad job this management firm is doing here at Nautilus Cove.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Parking, Keys, Pool and Knology

(Sent via email to those who have provided their address to the office, reproduced here FYI)

Reminder: Trailers, Boats and Unit Keys

To:  Residents/Owners
FromTurnipseed, Roxanne (
Sent:Tue 2/21/12 4:33 PM
Good morning,
With Spring and Summer fast approaching, Board President Barbara Simmons has asked me to remind everyone of that no trailers (including boat, watercraft, work or personal) may be placed, parked or stored on the property for more than four hours unless repair work or ground maintenance is being performed.

In other words, owners and residents may not bring their Jet Skis, boats or other watercraft onto the property parking lot if it is to be left for more than four hours.
In the past, several owners have parked their trailers in the Nautilus parking lot for several days while they were on property, ignoring the warning tags that were placed on the trailers. While we understand the desire to bring watercraft, boats, etc., there is not room on the property for all owners to have these on property.

This year, fines will be levied for those failing to comply, and towing the trailer will take place if it is left on property longer than the allotted four hour period. For your convenience, you may use the property's side pedestrian gate and park the trailers outside the property near that area.
Please be aware of this and other condominium rules when coming onto property, or allowing guests to stay in your condominium.
Also, please make sure the Association has a key to your unit. Knology will soon begin site work and will need access to every unit during the installation process.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!
We are looking forward to a great Spring and Summer here at Nautilus Cove, and the pool should be open by March 1, and will be open year-round!

Pool hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. currently, and then 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. May-August. When water conditions are out of balance, a sign will be posted indicated the pool's closure until which time the chemical balance is restored to let owners and residents know the status.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bid-A-Wee again

For those few of you who have been following the antics of our neighbors across the street at Bid-A-Wee there is another development there. The long time BAW Corp President Jimmy Smith has announced he is resigning. Here is my updated post on that: and I also expect there to be comments on

Monday, February 13, 2012

R F tips off the Fire Dept that OUR buildings are prone to early collapse.

Yeah, that means you live in cheap construction!  This complex was originally intended as low income housing, don't take my word for it see:

If you have ever wondered what those red symbols at the corner of the building are, it is there per a 2009 requirement to identify structures so that firefighters are warned that the building has a light frame truss system as this type of construction is prone to early collapse based on how they are built. 
So our buildings are flagged for the fire department as having structures with light-frame truss floor and roof systems and they are marked with the letters “RF”. 
Further details at:

"Knowing immediately upon arrival that a particular structure is prone to collapse will allow commanders to make a more informed decision about the risk of sending firefighters into a building for an offensive attack during a fire."

Read more about the markings at:

Starting in 1996, 112 properties with 24,076 units, similar to NCC have been built in 6 states, and as said on the Atlantic Housing site "the Principals of Atlantic Housing Partners* have developed a well respected portfolio of affordable multi-family rental communities across the country". 

Atlantic Housing builds them, Concord manages them and we are stuck living in them.

(* Atlantic Housing Partners, L.L.L.P., CPG Construction, L.L.L.P., CPG Construction, Global Realty and Concord Management, Ltd)

Friday, February 10, 2012

1/14/2012 Meeting Minutes

If you have provided the office with your email address then you already have a copy of this, if not then you should give the office/BOD the OK to use your email address to keep in touch with you for condo information.

FYI:  To view condo documents as far back as 2006 click on this direct link:

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Special BOD Meeting Held On 2/9/12

At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday Feb 9, 2012 a Special BOD Meeting was held. Full details are found at:

Two of the major items were:

1) Enough authorizations from Owners are on file so as to be able to remove MDU cable service and a cancellation notice is to be sent. A Knology contract will be looked at by our attorney and if it meets our approval it will take 30-60 days to have cable installation done. Knology will also be offering bundles of Cable/Internet/phone service. A special introductory rate with Knology has been arranged. Within 24 months it is expected that all satellite dishes will be removed.

2) Starting March 1st the pool deck will be open year around. Hours will be from 9 AM to 10 PM during October to April and during May to September, the closing hour will be extended to 11 PM.

Another half dozen items are addressed on Mrs. Simmons above cited blog. I am sure that our long term Owners are very pleased to know that after many years of indifference and inaction, that Nautilus Cove now has an Owner controlled Board which is taking in hand things that have been ignored.

I hope that we will also find that in months to come we will be rid of Concord Management and we will have better legal representation that is now provided by the Hess/Applebaum firm.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pssst - Wanna buy 56 slightly used condos

. . . for $6,720,000?  Suitable for rentals as 'low income housing'.
The Developer is again trying to unload his 56 unsaleable units with a bulk sale, this is what is being advertised to unload them.

"Description: 56 beautiful condos in the Nautilus Cove community. These are new construction (not condo conversion) condos with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. The mix is 33 four bedroom, three bathroom; 10 three bedroom, two bathroom; and 13 two bedroom, two bathroom."

1) Great Drive By Traffic for Rentals Huge
2) Potential for Selling as Condos when Market Recovers

Financial Summary 2011
Scheduled Gross Income $489,003
Effective Gross Income $520,834
Operating Expenses $364,614
Net Operating Income $156,220
Pre-Tax Cash Flow $156,220
Price: $6,720,000
No. Units: 56
Price/Unit: $120,000
Property Type: Multifamily
Property Sub-type: Garden/Low-Rise
Property Use Type: Investment
Commission Split: 1.5%
Occupancy: 86%

My Comments:  Overpriced and unsaleable, even at a lower price considering this economy.
Developer Owned Condos at NCC:

Q. Which of the 168 condo units are still owned by the developer NAUTILUS DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, L.L.L.P (AKA: Gulf Boulevard Partners, Ltd)?
A. They own all of the condos in buildings 12 and 13. In buildings 10, 11, 14 and 15, they own almost all of them with only 8 being sold and individually owned. The other 8 developer owned condos are in buildings 6, 8 and 9. 

The developer owned units are being rented out by Concord Management as low income housing and plugged as 'affordable housing' at: