Monday, February 13, 2012

R F tips off the Fire Dept that OUR buildings are prone to early collapse.

Yeah, that means you live in cheap construction!  This complex was originally intended as low income housing, don't take my word for it see:

If you have ever wondered what those red symbols at the corner of the building are, it is there per a 2009 requirement to identify structures so that firefighters are warned that the building has a light frame truss system as this type of construction is prone to early collapse based on how they are built. 
So our buildings are flagged for the fire department as having structures with light-frame truss floor and roof systems and they are marked with the letters “RF”. 
Further details at:

"Knowing immediately upon arrival that a particular structure is prone to collapse will allow commanders to make a more informed decision about the risk of sending firefighters into a building for an offensive attack during a fire."

Read more about the markings at:

Starting in 1996, 112 properties with 24,076 units, similar to NCC have been built in 6 states, and as said on the Atlantic Housing site "the Principals of Atlantic Housing Partners* have developed a well respected portfolio of affordable multi-family rental communities across the country". 

Atlantic Housing builds them, Concord manages them and we are stuck living in them.

(* Atlantic Housing Partners, L.L.L.P., CPG Construction, L.L.L.P., CPG Construction, Global Realty and Concord Management, Ltd)