Monday, February 27, 2012

Our pool/deck is now open year around.

The pool is now open year around.  The 'Grand Opening' pool party had only six units represented, probably due to the weather being 46F at 9 a.m.  I am sure that there will be few if any folks in the pool during the winter, but having the 5,200 sq ft pool deck open will allow all residents to use the tables, chairs and umbrellas on nice days to socialize and enjoy our mild North Florida winters.

This opening is due to the 'new' Board of Directors getting this done.  If it were up the the management company the pool would be closed for 5 months during winter and in fact when both opening the pool and having better hours during summer was brought up at the 1/14/12 AGM the CAM was not only against both ideas but stated that there would be an extra cost to us of $800 per month if it was opened.  This was totally incorrect and just shows what a bad job this management firm is doing here at Nautilus Cove.