Sunday, August 7, 2011

FYI: Some Retail changes near NCC

Borders Book Store
Borders is closing all 399 of their stores, including their store in Pier Park.  The store will probably close in late September with a loss of 30 employees.

New Wal-Mart
The Planning Director for PCB confirmed that the new Wally World store will be at the corner of Powell Adams and PCB Pky and will be 70% the size of the existing PCB store, it is expected to be a more upscale store to compete with the next door Tarbutt store.

Improvements include:
Powell Adams Road widened to 4 lanes with center turn lane (5 lanes total)
Widening to be taken 1700 feet down Powell Adams from PCB Pkwy
PCB Pkwy and Powell Adams Road intersection to be signalized
Three PCB Pkwy entrance points into plaza

Speaking of Wal Mart - the 23rd Street Wal Mart is also reopening.

In Oct. 2009 the Wal Mart store, 513 W 23rd Street, in Panama City closed when they opened the new super store in Lynn Haven. 

The old store generated $500,000 a year in sales taxes for Panama City and employeed about 250 people.  It had opened originally in 1987.

The reopened store will also expand to include the next door Fashion Bug store and will have a full line of groceries, the total space will be 125,000 sq ft. We will soon have 5 Wal Marts in Bay County.

Yes Walmart will have 2 PCB Stores  7/29/11

PCB City Council News and Notes - CRA Teams with Wal-Mart

Plans to move ahead with an expansion of Powell Adams Road were also at the Beach council meeting today.

Commissioners agreed to move forward with a CRA partnership with Wal-Mart to expand 1,700 feet of the road to four lanes, meeting CRA standards.

Wal-Mart will contribute $400,000 dollars to the 2 million dollar project.
A May traffic study by WalMart will be followed in July by a meeting between WalMart and PCB officials to discuss the projected 156,000 Sq Ft Wal Mart (30% smaller than the existing PCB Walmart which is 223,168 sq ft) it is to be located 1 mile from Nautilus Cove, at the SE corner of Back Beach Rd and Powell Adams Road. This is adjoining the existing Target store.

A site plan remains to be submitted but the new store will have 780 parking spots and a traffic light is to be placed at the Back Beach and Powell Adams Road intersection.  The existing Front Beach Rd Walmart would remain open.

The site is currently owned by the St. Joe Paper Company, the same firm that owned the land NCC is built on. If Walmart goes ahead completion should take about 18-20 months.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Darn - Missed the 3rd anniversary of our Meth Lab

With all the BS across the street I took my eye off the ball and missed the July 22nd 3rd  anniversary of our very own Meth Lab.  It was in condo #1502.  Take a look at the link which is way down the blog, click on:  for all the details from the Bay County Sheriffs Office Press Release.  That unit was and still is one of those rented out on behalf of the developer. Our 2 former neighbors are:

Danniel R Hammock,  DOB: 03/26/1976, Current Facility: GRACEVILLE C.F., Current Custody: MEDIUM,  Current Release Date: 06/01/2015, Details at:

Lisa C. Dunkley, DOB: 6/17/73, Current Facility: HOLLYWOOD W.R.C., Current Custody: COMMUNITY, Current Release Date: 12/15/2011, Details at: