Saturday, July 27, 2013

Other reading on Conco subjects FYI:

Since this NCC site is seldom being updated I thought you might want to take a look at another condo related site.  This CCFJ site has been on the blog for several years - mentioned here at least 3 times.   It is worth a look.

This is the main site

and just in case you miss it, among all the other interesting articles, here is one that I thought interesting, probably because I have about 200 blogs myself and have been sued twice over content, although NOT by the condo:  
"Homeowner's Association Sues Resident Over Blog Comments"

Also FYI:   A condo advice column is available to read at: 

Attention Tenants and Guests! NO PETS!

Most residents already know that only Owners can have 'pets'. This is addressed in two places in the documents. Once in the Rules and Regulations p 2/3 and again on p 16/17 of the Declaration of Condominium which says "no pets of any kind are permitted in leased Units". The RR's say further no guests or tenants may have pets.

So if you are an Owner you can have 2 pets under 36 lbs each. So your pet chicken and your boa constrictor should be fine right! Sorry, no. the DOC goes further than the RR's and says "No reptiles, amphibians or livestock may be kept in the Condominium, even Owners are limited to "normal domesticated household types such as a cat or dog" and the RRs approve of birds and fish.

It is also noted that "the ability to have such a pet is a privilege, not a right, and the BOD is empowered to order and enforce the removal of any pet which becomes a reasonable source of annoyance to other residents. . ."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Compliance with fire safety rule is low, fire officials say

I was a bit ahead of the curve with my earlier post (below) on the subject.  I think it is a grand idea to know that our condos are 'prone to collapse',  I just wish I had known what those RF markings were before I bought one.

From News Herald Article of
August 17, 2011 12:01:00 AM

"Knowing immediately upon arrival that a particular structure is prone to collapse will allow commanders to make a more informed decision about the risk of sending firefighters into a building for an offensive attack during a fire."

Read more:

(This article was moved up the blog from original posting date of Aug 2nd)

NCC Condos = "Prone to early collapse?"
If you have ever wondered what those red symbols at the corner of the building are, it is there per a 2009 requirement to identify structures so that firefighters are warned that the building has a light frame truss system as this type of construction is prone to early collapse based on how they are built. 

So the NCC buildings are flagged for the fire department as having structures with light-frame truss floor and roof systems and they are marked with the lettersRF.” 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Developer gets 'Final Judgment of Eviction' for #1501 on 7/19/13.

Even a quick check of the Bay County records would have shown a prior 2011 eviction plus quite a lot of other arrests listed for a Sarah Kahle (photo at left) as a defendant in 21 cases, many traffic and even 2 drug charges.  A records check for Cabera shows 9 cases under the name of Kasar Caberra, 2 open cases for battery and a prior eviction effort at NCC from 12/2011.

Judge:  WELCH, THOMAS F  Case Type:  County Civil  Status:  OPEN 
Case Number:  13001574CC  Case Number:  032013CC001574CCXXXX       
Clerk File Date:  6/25/2013  
  6/25/2013 PAYMENT $205.00 RECEIPT #2013041246 
  6/25/2013 TENANT EVICTION ASSESSED $185.00 
  6/25/2013 CASE FILED 06/25/2013 CASE NUMBER 13001574CC 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#306 has a long history here at NCC

Nautilus Cove has filed a $3,899.47 lien against JOPC, LLC owner of condo #306, an upstairs 4/3 pool side view, which is the old Rodney Smith unit. It was initially purchased by Smith 8/3/07 for $208,000. Mr Smith was an early and unsuccessful candidate for the BOD.

Considerable info is available on the #306 unit, just enter 306 in the search bar on this site and you will bring up older posts on the condo.

JOPC, LLC, is actually the limited liability corporation established 8/29/12 by Jeffrey J. Osterhout of PCB and Paula J. Coffey of Galveston, Tx. The unit was sold at auction for past NCC dues on 4/10/12 for $14,300 and the outstanding dues of $9,325.94 were paid out of this auction price.   The unit was purchased by Osterhout then transferred to his LLC.

On 5/29/13 a Bay County Tax Certificate was sold to cover $1,033.35 in unpaid 2012 county taxes. HSBC still holds the first mortgage on this unit and eventually the unit will revert to them.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wanted: CAM for NCC Office

Listed on Friday June 14th.  Concord is looking for a CAM (office mgr) for Nautilus Cove.  We have had 2 Concord CAMs, first one got fired, second one, who knows, residents are just damn glad she is gone.

For full page of info see:*3B77E33D59323D74&source=30

for larger image:  right click and open in new window

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#702 now on the market for $94,500

On May 16th BAC Home Loans purchased their own unit at auction beating out 3 other potential owners by bidding the traditional $100 over the highest bid to retain ownership of their foreclosure. 

This 3/2 ground floor, courtyard side unit is now on the market with the asking price of $94,500 and it will probably sell for around $84,000 or 50% of the original 1/30/07 sale price of $169,000.

The unit was originally purchased by Norman Ussery Jr.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Units For Sale/Rent at NCC

Nautilus Cove Rents as of Dec 2011 vs today's rates: -
2 Bedroom Floor Plan Starting From $799 now $999 (increased $200)
3 Bedroom Floor Plan Starting From $849 now $1099 (+$250)
4 Bedroom Apartment Home Starting From $899 now $1199 (+$300)

While there is really no market for the developers condos they continue to be listed for sale. The prices of the 56 unsold units do not compete with what can be found with short sales and foreclosed units that banks want to unload at 40-50% of their original sale prices.

The developer has tried to do a bulk sale but that did not go through due to the buyer not being interested at the high price wanted. Those unsold units remain available for a bulk sale and it is only a matter of time before they will sell.

13700 Panama City Beach Pkwy  #1201
1430 sq ft. 4 bed, 3 bath
$120,321 March 6, 2013 was at:  $119,456
as of 6/5/13 $139,456 

13700 Panama City Beach Pkwy  #1116
937 sq ft. 2 bed, 2 bath
was at:  $101,475
as of 6/5/13  $119,675

13700 Panama City Beach Pkwy 214 #214
1195 sq ft. 3 bed, 2 bath
$111,453  March 6, 2013
was at:  $110,654
as of 6/5/13 $129,654

Details at the Pelican Realty site:
Other Prices at Nautilus Cove - 
  Updated 7/1/2013
units come on the list and go off as listings expire or owners simply give up trying to sell.  If you see something listed here and you can't verify via the MLS # that it is still active it might be under contract or just expired. 

You can look up MLS #'s at:

403 Cape Cod Dr (Prior Owners: Diniz/HSBC)
Bedrooms:  4, Bathrooms:  3
MLS #609783  Price $99,900 (listed as of 6/5/13)
Original Sale Price $183,500 on 12/13/06

702 Lighthouse Road (Prior Owner:  Norman Ussery)
Bedrooms:  3, Bathrooms:  2
MLS #610570  Price $94,500 (listed as of 7/1/13)
Original Sale Price $169,000 in 2007