Saturday, July 27, 2013

Attention Tenants and Guests! NO PETS!

Most residents already know that only Owners can have 'pets'. This is addressed in two places in the documents. Once in the Rules and Regulations p 2/3 and again on p 16/17 of the Declaration of Condominium which says "no pets of any kind are permitted in leased Units". The RR's say further no guests or tenants may have pets.

So if you are an Owner you can have 2 pets under 36 lbs each. So your pet chicken and your boa constrictor should be fine right! Sorry, no. the DOC goes further than the RR's and says "No reptiles, amphibians or livestock may be kept in the Condominium, even Owners are limited to "normal domesticated household types such as a cat or dog" and the RRs approve of birds and fish.

It is also noted that "the ability to have such a pet is a privilege, not a right, and the BOD is empowered to order and enforce the removal of any pet which becomes a reasonable source of annoyance to other residents. . ."