Friday, July 30, 2010

Concord Management - Problems with them continue

Regular readers of this blog might be aware of my opinion that both the Board of Directors, which really means the complex developers, and Concord Management are uninterested and unresponsive to the Owners here at Nautilus Cove.  The below outgoing email to the 'office' here at NCC summarizes the latest issue that both the BOD and Concord have chosen to ignore.

My initial phone conversations with the Concord Secretary Melissa Melvin on 7/15 raised issues she was uninformed on and I was told that the inquirys would  be forwarded to someone else and I would be contacted.  No one has contacted me.

Hopefully, when we finally have the 2nd owner member on the BOD we will quickly replace Concord with some other management firm.  Here is a copy of my email of today: 

Sent to:

2nd Follow up to unanswered July 19th inquiry about Nautilus Cove Condo

On July 19th I wrote to you: "You were going to have 'someone get back to me' regarding several issues I raised with you last Thursday. So far I have not gotten any contact from Concord."

My inquiry of July 15th remains unanswered. I want to know as follows:

1) Were quarterly dues payments incorrectly deposited into the Developers account rather than into a Nautilus Cove Condo account. You will recall that I had sent you a copy of the endorsement on the back of my own check showing what I believed to be the incorrect deposit.

2) Why is there no Community Assn. Manager (CAM) at Nautilus Cove since approx July 7th.

I now further inquire as to whether Concord Management is going to reduce their monthly billing to reflect that your firm is NOT providing the required level of representation as required by the Management Agreement. I am concerned that we are being billed top dollar for a CAM and are only getting a secretary. So is Concord going to adjust their billing to reflect this lower level of service.

Please now keep in mind that unless I receive a timely and on point reply to the questions raised over two weeks ago that I will make a formal complaint to DBPR in Tallahassee and ask them to investigate the matter.

Bill Harris
Owner #708