Thursday, October 19, 2017

If you read the blog you will know that I left years ago and was very pleased to sell back to the management company for a $65,000 loss.  I have had little contact with NCC recently but the 2 comments below seem to be pretty accurate and it seems not much has changed since I left.

  • Robin Greene-Mabina  1 star
    Although the grounds were well manicured... the condo we vacationed in # 403 was not clean... old food & soda cans left in bedrooms... and there were little bugs flying around.. the carpet was very dirty & was flooded w water leaking from some unknown place in the hall we had to walk over that our entire stay... one of the toilets was running for 2 days and could not be used... they charged us a cleaning but there was dust & dirt on the fan lights & bathtub was not clean had to wear flip flops while taking a shower... the tv's were old & outdated & was very limited in channels ... we were disappointed that the owner we rented from didn't come to view the situations and only compensation given was 1/2 off the $120.00 cleaning fee...
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  • Kristine Movizzo  1 starDo not ever, ever move into this place! Loud, dirty, nasty people live there!! I spent a year in hell dealing with loud kids, motorcycles, filthy grounds, filthy pool and just pure misery. If I can save anyone from what I went through I will be happy I posted this.


IF you want to buy -
info on the 57 units still available from the developer, below is the link to the realty firm representing them but remember they are very overpriced and well used - buy from an actual owner IF you must buy here:

NCC By-Laws, 37 pages

NCC Declaration of Condominium, 185 pages

Nautilus Cove Contact Information
Who                     Contact info
Emergency             911
Management         (850) 441-8187

Non-Emergency Police  (850) 233-5000

NCC President:     Joe Vanderwerff, #514
NCC Vice Pres:     Lisa Gagnon, #1506
SEC/Treas:  Norman D. Knight (Developer, Maitland, Fla.)



All developer units are available, now and then some from individual owners come up.

Sometimes I check in to see what Pelican Real Estate is offering from among the units still owned by the developer.  It doesn't change.  Here is what they offer on their site:

33 4/3 units at $159,987
11 3/2 units at $149,987
13 2/2 units at $139,987
Total available from developer:  57

These prices have held steady for many years and of course they are overpriced and do not sell.

If you are looking at any realty site and pull up units available at Nautilus Cove you can immediately tell a developer unit as they all end with the number 987 in the price listing.

As mentioned below (several times!) you want to AVOID these units as they are all hard used as low income rentals.  If you find one of the individually owned units the price will be a lot lower, the units better cared for with fewer renters having used them and occupancy should be pretty close to immediate.

Those 57 units advertised by the developer are almost all occupied and any sale would require getting the current renter out.

Be careful in buying at NCC.  I had a condo there for about 5 years and I am very pleased to be GONE from there even though I lost $65,000 in selling (#708) back to the developer.