Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ever see this kitchen before?

No it isn't at Nautilus Cove, it is in Spring Lake Cove in Fruitland, Florida and it is a Concord Management apartment complex, but it isn't Nautilus Cove. 

What went on there landed Concord Management in Federal Court.  Want more photos and a look at a copy of the 9 page complaint, plus other cases where Concord gets sued?

Take a look at:  the cases reported there are:
1) Fair Housing Continuum, Inc v. Concord Management, Ltd  (Discrimination against famlies in rentals) 
2) Raymona Tumer vs. Concord Management, Ltd. (Sept 2011 Racial Discrimination case)
3) Carmen Mims v. Concord Management Co, Inc   (Employee Age Discrimination)