Thursday, October 11, 2012

Georgekopoulos at NCC

If you are interested in the $48 million dollar Ohio internet cafe,  gambling case, that involved 2 owners here at Nautilus Cove you can find that site at: 

They purchased 5 condos at NCC and had 4 other properties in Bay County and one pricy condo in Pineallas County.  Shortly after their arrest in Ohio the units were listed for sale, those listings have since been withdrawn. 

The units they own here are: 
#502 (2/2) purchased by Ted G for $65,000 on 5/06/11
#205 (3/2) purchased by Ted G for $69,500 on 1/18/12
#106 (4/3) purchased by Ted G for $83,500 on 2/16/12
#210 (3/2) purchased by George G $73,000 on 5/6/11
#513 (2/2) purchased by Elite Enterprises (Pete G) for $65,000 on 3/20/12