Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Lien for #105 and a Foreclosure on 1601 are filed this week-

On 10/18/12 Bank of America filed a 'lis pendens' (Notice of Foreclosure) on the #1601 unit of Mr. Josh Simmons who obtained 2 BofA loans on 2/8/07 ($135,920 and $33,980) for the purchase of his 3/2 unit for $169,900 on 2/8/07.  NCC had previously filed a lien on 1601 for past due association dues.

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On 10/15/12 a lien was filed for $3,267.25 on  #105, the David Turner, unit for missed assessments going back to November 2011.

12/3/08 NCC had filed a lien for $1,383.00 for unpaid assessments from 2008.

The 4/3 unit was sold to Turner on 2/8/07 for $184,900.