Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why haven't we gotten rid of Concord Mis-Management!

I have moved this 11/1/12 post up to the top of the blog FYI.  I am running for the 2013 Board and one of the 3 major things I want to get done is to get rid of Concord as our management firm.  Of course this depends on having a second likeminded Owner on the Board, without that then we will probably be stuck with another 3 year contract for the poor service that Concord provides

I would also point out that just prior to our Owners getting the 2nd member on the Board (ie: Turnover) the Developer controlled Board gave Concord this 3 year contract when all prior such contracts had been for one year.  At this Board meeting they also gave to the Developer prime office space in our Clubhouse with no requirement they pay anything for upkeep.

We really got screwed by the Developer and Concord.  We are stuck with the Developer but we can sure get rid of Concord!

First some info about who Concord Management, Ltd 'is', and this comes right from their own public information: Concord is one of 4 companies who work together to build and manage properties which are either apartment or condo complexes. Three firms work to build them and Concord then manages them. About 160 of them presently in 7 states with approximately 32-34,000 units in total.

What do you think of Concord Management?

Drop by these blog sites for more information on Concord Mis-Management:

In terms of size, Concord is insignificant in the property management area. A firm that had put in a 24 page plan for managing our community was international and manages over one million units. Until I approached them for information they had never heard of Concord. You can see their 2 year old proposal at the below direct link.   This firm or a similar professional firm should be managing our condo. See their proposal at:  also see:

Here is additional information FYI:
Did you ever wonder why we are a condo? I have and I still don't know what happened as this was always intended to be a apartment rental community and various loans were taken out on that basis. 

Both our sister community in PCB, Stone Harbor and NCC were intended as 'affordable housing on the beach'. We were intended to be low income housing for workers at the hotels, resorts and posh condos in Panama City Beach. 

Somewhere along the line the developer decided to make the complex into a condominium, however, with the lack of sales and with 56 unsold units remaining the developer seems to have gone back to the idea of being an apartment complex and is renting out those unsold units and now 112 Owners find themselves owning units in a low income housing complex. Welcome to Nautilus Cove Apartments! Details at:

Concord has NEVER had the best interests of the Owners in mind. As long as Concord is the management firm for Nautilus Cove we are still under the control of the developer.
I hope that in the next NCC election we will end up with 2 Owners on the BOD who will make sure that the contract with Concord Mis-Management will not be renewed in October of 2013. 

It is time for us to have a decent management firm running this complex and not one that is an in house shill for the developer.