Thursday, November 22, 2012

Even the ACLU has no use for Concord Management


Just How Bad Is Concord Management?

It is bad enough that we have them managing our condos at Nautilus Cove in Panama City Beach, but it could be worse for us if we were renting one of the 56 unsold developer units from them.

Take a look at just how they treated one woman at Valencia Village in Orlando. This is the same 3rd rate company we have in our condo office.

It was so bad that the ACLU took up her case. See details at:
and also

See these cases and others at:

Fair Housing Continuum, Inc v. Concord Management, Ltd

Also FYI:  Fair Housing sued and alleged that Concord Management, Ltd. purposely misrepresented that the apartments were a '55 and over' community when they knew that it did not comply with the Housing For Older Persons Act of 1995 and as a result Concord discriminated against families with children who wanted to live at Spring Lake Cove.

Testers found that those who stated they had children were quoted higher rents and deposits than those testers who said they were 55+ and did not have children.

See also the summary of:   Raymona J. Tumer vs. Concord Management, Ltd, which was filed Sept 3, 2011 in the U.S. District Court in Orlando and in part alleges discrimination against a minority woman. This is a 2 Count complaint: 1) Discrimination Based on Race, and, 2) Violation of State Statute 414.511

(get a subscription to PACER  and you can access all such cases in Federal Court for only 10 cents a page)

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