Monday, November 26, 2012

Entry Gate Options -

NCC has a functioning call box at the entry gate that will be put back in use. It allows a visitor to look up a resident by name. The visitor selects that name which calls the resident's phone (cell or land line). The resident then selects "9" on their phone key pad. This opens the gate.

This can be done from anywhere, even if you are not at home. So, if you have a delivery and are at work or vacation, the gate can still be opened.The condo is looking for input on these 2 below options for access via the front gate.

Currently, access to the property can be obtained with a pass code, swipe card, or beeper.

1. Gate Entry Option 1:
Entry to the property would be gained through the use of swipe cards, beepers, and the call box. No entry codes would be provided. Anyone visiting without a swipe card would simply call the owner through the call box and be beeped in. Remember this can be done from anywhere.

2. Gate Entry Option 2:
Entry to the property would be gained using an access code. This access code would be changed each month and provided to all current owners and residents. Swipe cards and beepers (for owners only), and the call box would also access the property.

Misc Note:  Neither of the plans will stop vehicles without any beeper, card or code from simply waiting until another vehicle opens the gate and the second vehicle also drives onto the property.  A quicker closing time might be an option but a closing gate damaging any vehicle will probably result in a claim for damage done.