Sunday, November 11, 2012

What is coming in 2013?

This week you should be receiving information about the 2013 condo budget and a form to complete if you are interested in running for the next Board.

There seems to be a shifting of dynamics in the condo outlook as to continuing under the mis-management of Concord next year.  It now seems reasonable to assume that the incoming BOD will not retain Concord but will shift either to another management firm or go 'in house' by hiring the CAM and maintanence people/person directly. 

Information on both options are set out clearly in the 1,200 word article "Hiring (and Firing) A Property Management Firm" at:

It is very important that our Condo elect two like minded Board members for 2013 who will see to it that Concord Mis-Management is fired as our management firm when their current 3 year contract expires.

Owners should support only those who will tell us in advance that if they are elected that Concord is OUT as our management firm.

Current Nautilus Cove CondoDirectors/Board Mrs Simmons, #802, President Mr DiGiacomo #616, VP Represents Developer