Friday, June 21, 2013

#706 and #705 sold in May

#706 - On 5/22/13 the old Richard Tipton condo, a 3/2 sold to Michael Hughes for $90,000, it was originally sold on 11/14/06 for $174,900

#705 - On 5/6/13 the old Juan Reyes condo, a 3/2, sold to Brian D. Gibson of Camillia, Ga for $80,000, it was on the market for $81,370 by PNC Mortgage.

The original price paid by Reyes was $168,200 on Dec 11, 2006. The unit was initially foreclosed on by NCC for past due assn. fees and was held by NCC from 4/16/12 to 12/11/12 when the PNC took it back from NCC and later sold it to Mr Gibson for 47% of the original sale price.