Saturday, June 8, 2013

What has changed hands so far this year?

 4 units were sold:
#705 (3/2) formerly owned by Juan Reyes, to Brian D. Gibson for $80,000.

#706 (3/2) formerly owned by R. Tipton, to Michael Hughes for $90,000.
#1601 (3/2) formerly owned by Joshua Simmons, to Ted Georgekopoulos for $79,900.

#708 (3/2) formerly owned by Bill Harris, this blogs author, to Nautilus 708, LLC for $93,000. (this is the condo developer buying back a unit).

3 units went back to the banks/mortgage companies:

#305 (4/3) formerly belonging to Kevin Riley to PNC Mortgagte

#403 (4/3) formerly belonging to Neicy Diniz to HSBC Bank

#706 (3/2) formerly belonging to Richard Tipton to Federal Home Loan Mort Corp. (ie: Freddie Mac)