Thursday, June 6, 2013

#403 now available for purchase at $99,900

#403 (a 4/3) formerly belonging to Neicy Diniz, then foreclosed on by HSBC Bank, was put on the market 6/5/13 (MLS #609783) for $99,900 which is 54% of the original price of $183,500 for the purchase 12/13/06 by Ms Diniz. I doubt that it will sell for this amount, it will probably go for about $90-92,000.

In an odd price increase the developer has 'raised' prices on units #214 and #1201. The units were not considered saleable at their old prices, so an increase seems very odd.

#214 was listed at $110,654 and is now $129,654.  (+$19,000)

#1201 was listed at $119,456 and is now $139,456.  (+$20,000)

The 56 unsold developer units have been available for some time for a bulk sale. I understand there was interest in such a purchase about 2 years ago. This artificial inflation of price may be an effort to make the units seem more valuable to any prospective buyer. There is no hope of any individual sales for these units, even at their earlier prices.

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