Thursday, December 13, 2012

Info from the Office:

Dear Owners and Residents:

In an effort to provide a more secure complex, the Board of Directors has instructed that there be one gate code assigned to the entrance gate, and that it be changed on the first day of each month.

During the next two weeks, the individual codes that owners and residents have been assigned will be phased out of the system. If your code is no longer working, please use #1776 as the interim code.

We will be issuing the codes each month through email, but it is the owners' and residents' responsibility to insure that they have the updated code for themselves, their families and roommates.

Gate cards and gate remotes may continue to be used as normal.

We appreciate your cooperation during this transition period!

Bus Area Issue

Our resident children have been doing a great job using the front pedestrian gate when they are going to and from the bus. Please let them know we appreciate them doing their part in helping to keep them safe from the traffic areas!

Pedestrian Gate

The process to install a new pedestrian gate at the back of the property is in full swing! The gate will replace the current gate that is no longer in use. It will have a keypad on each side, and the code will be changed monthly, as at the entrance gate. The two gates will use the same code each month.

In the meantime, please advise your children (those who have school-age children) to refrain from climbing over the fence at the back of the property. This is damaging the fence structure and a child could get injured.