Saturday, December 1, 2012

Duties of directors vs. officers in condo associations

There is some confusion about what a Director does vs what an Officer of the condo association does.

Probably this arises because the BOD here has 'elected' themselves to the 4 officer positions, so we have 3 people holding 7 positions. Not illegal, just unfortunate. Hopefully when we have the next election the new BOD will not continue this foolishness.  It started with the inception of the condo when the Developer wanted to keep Owner participation to zero so they refused to 'elect' any Owners to the Officer positions. 

This should have changed when the Owners took the Board majority but for unknown reasons the Owner boards refuse to share the positions and kept them all for themselves.

What do the directors and officers do?
Simply stated, the condo association directors make the major decisions about the property, prepare the budget, choose the management company, authorize larger expendetures and 'elect' the 4 officers of the association, etc. and the condo association officers implement those decisions and take care of the day to day operation of the condo.

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