Friday, September 14, 2012

Delinquency List & BOD Meeting Minutes of 7/21/12

You can see current and past Delinquency List's, Owners List's, and old condo newsletters at:
Sept 2012 Delinquency List:

Additional BOD Minutes from 4/13/12, 4/7/12 and 2/9/12 have been added to the other BOD Minutes going back six years. To see these go to:
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P. 1 para #3 Financial Info - Keep in mind that while we temporarily 'own' 5 units that when considering any rental income derived from such ownership that you need to consider that we are losing $225 a month in 'income' as we do NOT get that condo association fee from these units, that amounts to $1,125 per month and $13,500 per year we are NOT collecting while the units belong to us.