Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is this the Clubhouse at Nautilus Cove?

No, it is 'Spring Lake Cove', in Fruitland, Florida, one of 140 Concord managed properties and most are built exactly the same.

Do you wonder why Owners at NCC have such bad service from Concord?

It is because while they are paid by Owners to be our 'Management Company', they really represent the complex developer and work on his behalf in managing and renting out the 56 unsold units here.

Concord is one of 4 companies that build, rent and manage apartment complexes in 7 states. Most are carbon copies of each other. Take a look at our very down market sister community, 1.7 miles from NCC, it is called Stone Harbor and was build 2 years before our community and houses mostly section 8 and welfare occupants. 

That is happening here at NCC, we are sliding down market and soon we will look just as bad as Stone Harbor does now.

Here is what Atlantic Housing says about this 4 firm 'Development Team': 

"Atlantic Housing is the commonly used brand name for our family of companies working in a cooperative effort to develop quality multi-family communities . . . the members of our team include Atlantic Housing, Global Realty, CPG Construction and Concord Management. . . Concord Management is a leader in . . . multi-family and single family affordable rental housing communities."

Make no mistake - the developer still runs this complex and it is run by Concord to represent them and to rent out their 56 units of low income housing.  NCC is run for the developer's benefit and NOT for the benefit of the Owners. 

If you own a condo here then you own a condo in a low income housing complex.

Until we get rid of Concord Mis-Management we will continue to be under the thumb of the developer and the 4 company 'Development Team'. 

Our association dues are paying for Concord to manage and rent out the 56 unsold developer units. 

We need a Board of Directors which will get rid of Concord Management and get us a management firm that will represent the Owners here at Nautilus Cove and not be a shill of the developer.


Also See the 24 page offer from the Continental management group, one of the umbrella companies of an International firm with over 1,000,000 managed units:  http://nccmanagementcompany.blogspot.com/