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When the statute was originally amended in 2010, the law allowed the condominium association or HOA to collect the monthly amount of the assessment from the tenant of a delinquent unit owner. The statute has now been amended in 2011, to allow the association to collect all of the rent from the tenant and apply all of it to the outstanding sums owed by the delinquent unit owner. In order to make the demand on the tenant, the association is required to use a form as provided for in the statute.

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court challenging the constitutionality of the statute alleging that the landlord is deprived of due process because he or she never gets the opportunity to dispute the delinquency before the association takes his or her rent.


Unit owners have always been provided the protection under Florida Condominium and HOA law from ensuring that certain personal information like phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses were protected from disclosure to other unit owners by the association. The statute has now been amended to allow these unit owners to waive this protection and consent in writing to disclosure of this information to fellow owners. The primary purpose of this amendment is to allow communities the ability to publish a community directory. 

Note:  Another way to find Owner address and tax information is by using the Bay County Appraisers site at:  The easiest way to access all the records at once is to click on the blue "Search by Parcel Range" choice and put in Starting:  40000-100-000  Ending:  40000-100-170.  Many owners do not live on property and this site will give you their mailing address as well as unit address and it is much more informative than our own records plus you can use the click on link to go directly to the County tax records.