Monday, June 4, 2012

More Bid-A-Wee news FYI

6/6/12 Update:   The PCB Mayor has received an official letter advising her that the City is on notice that a suit is being filed regarding "false arrest, malicious prosecution, negligence, negligent retention, negligent enforcement, violation of his civil rights, and for any other civil action, including the date of injury July 29, 2011.”

Although not actually of any concern to NCC I have from time to time reported on the antics of the dysfunctional 599 home subdivision just across the street from us. My favorite comment was that it was as entertaining as watching a 'barrel full of monkeys'.

You might recall that they put up 6 locking gates to bar people from 'their' beaches. Well, unfortunately those gates are still up, but the drama continues and now the PCBPD and a former Officer named John Kelly will be sued in civil court and perhaps also the Bid A Wee Association and the various BOD members, both current and past. 

Their former BAW 'President' Jimmy Smith, resigned in disgrace when a trumped up series of Felony charges he brought against an Owner there fell apart in Bay County Court, after a long days trial the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict in what courthouse observers said was a 'record breaking' 45 minutes.  

It is to long to go into here but you can find all the info from soup to nuts at: