Monday, June 25, 2012

Take a look at our 2 Message Boards

Update:  You can take a look at both boards and see what people thought and complained about 4 yrs ago and yesterday.   The last comment was from Troy Holland, our former Service Manager who was here 10 months, go see what he had to say, and feel free to use either board (or both) to post your own comments.  These are set up to be your means of communication and comment for our complex, both Owners and renters are welcome.

This site is not taking any 'comments' from readers, but some months ago a message board was put up so that residents or Owners could comment, ask questions etc.  It hasn't been used that much lately but keep in mind that it is available and you do not need to 'register' in order to read or post.  
The direct link is: and a second and older board is found at: