Thursday, December 8, 2011

A New Management Company for Nautilus Cove? Something for the New BOD to consider.

In the closing days of 2009 NCC was reviewed by representatives of Grandshores Management (now known as the Continental Group) and in January of 2010 they put in a 24 page proposal to manage our complex. Unfortunately our Board of Directors took scant notice of this. The Board at that time had just come under the control of the Owners and could have taken action on the proposal, instead it was ignored and we remained with Concord Mis-Management Ltd.

Now we will be having another leadership change and the proposal remains available for review and potential action by our new 2012 Board. You can see their extensive review at:

Nautilus Cove's Current Management Company

How is Concord rated on

Cons:  Support structures are not always as knowledgeable as would be expected, very little opportunity for advancement without intra- or inter-state moving if hired at a satellite property, no support structure for anonymously reporting unprofessional behavior, occasional hiring or advancement of employees on factors other than ability to perform functions of position (as anywhere), occasional failure of advancement for qualified employees (trading short term stability in one position for long term employee retention), stringent hierarchy (assumptions that titles translate to knowledge or responsibility), failure to acknowledge top on site performers in aspects other than leasing.
Concord Spends a lot of time in the Courts: