Saturday, December 17, 2011

How are NCC tenants screened?

Having gotten some negative feedback on the backgrounding procedure here, on Oct 28th I sent an inquiry, via Certified Mail, to the office, asking the one question allowed per month, that the BOD is required to answer within 30 days of receipt. 

Here is the reply and some additional information on the firm doing the checks.  This may be of interest to all tenants and most Owners as the complex is presently about 75% rentals. 

This is what the Better Business Bureau says about the firm and you might notice that they rate them as a D-:

CoreLogic Safe Rent, Inc.
Phone: (888) 333-2413
7300 Westmore Road, Suite 3, Rockville, MD 20850
See their web site at:
19 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years 11 closed in last 12 months
CoreLogic Contact Information
Complaint Contact: Ms. Robyn Small, Consumer Relations Director
Contact via email: 

Business Category

Alternate Business Names for Core Logic are:
First American Registry, Inc. and First Advantage SafeRent, Inc. both also rated at D-

Also 3 'Yahoo! Local' ratings found at:  were unfavorable to this firm.  I also found them under First American Registry, with complaints on The Rip Off Report at:, seems that they like using multiple names and don't like to correct errors in their reports.
CoreLogic, aka: First American Registry: This firm made a Class Action settlement in New York where Plaintiff renters alleged 7 routine violations of the FCRA, the NYFCRA, the firm settled rather than fight the charges. Details at:
Which firm Concord Management uses for backgrounding the Developer's renters is their business but the Owners should be using a more reputable firm for any such backgrounding of our tenants and not one rated at D- and who were subject to a class action suit.