Friday, June 3, 2011

Rules and Regulations of Nautilus Cove

Our original set of documents has always been in need of some changes.  These documents are simply copies of generic documents used on many condos and sections of them are not relevant to our complex.

9 months ago I revised the original Rules and Regulations to remove text that has no relevance to our particular condo.  The revised document was presented to the BOD both by email in October 2010 and in hard form at the AGM in January 2011.  It requires a simple aboption by the BOD to update the document, you can see the proposed 'new' RRs at:, it has been there since October last year.

No signifigant changes have been made and it only requires a BOD vote to adopt the new set of RRs.  At a later date the BOD should consider making other changes, for instance the RRs conflict in some sections with the 39 page 'Declaration of Condominium', at least in the areas regarding parking regulations and this needs to be standardized.

For the moment the BOD should adopt the revised RR document shown at the above site.