Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From the: What Else Is Going On At Nautilus Cove Dept

Tonya Boutwell is getting tossed out of #302, last year she was evicted 7/21/10 from the Waterstone at Jenks apartments in Panama City. There are also 2 small claims certified judgments in Bay County Records for a Tonya Boutwell with a 'D' and a 'Denise' for the middle name,  (Tyndall Credit Union for $4,999 and State Farm for $11,010) and also under this name are many traffic charges and 2 cases of worthless checks.

Just looking the person up in the County Records, which is available free online, would have save a lot of nonsense and the unit would not have been rented to her in the first place. 

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