Saturday, April 26, 2014

Unit #101 now on the market for $119,765

This unit has been twice liened by NCC (2013 and 2010) and a foreclosure sale set for April 3, 2014 by NCC was recently canceled.  

Mr. Salman Ali, is the owner of #101. Mr Ali was also the subject of 2 State of Florida Dept of Revenue liens, one in 2008 for $4,536 and one in 2011 for $2,209, each for non payment of 'sales/use tax'.  Both of these liens were subsequently satisfied.
This 4/3 unit was originally purchased 10/16/06 for $179,900, yearly taxes run $1,685.  The MLS  is:  #619380 and was listed 4/20/14.


#716 is on the market again.

the 4 old Waterstone Resort Realty, LLC* condos, (3/2's 2nd floor) in the 7 building were all sold to Waterstone in 2007 for $165,000 each, all 4 of their condos were foreclosed by Compass Bank and on 9/9/10 #716 was sold for $84,000 to Jerry R. and Pamela J. Clayton of Lynn Haven, Fla.  It is now on the market again with an asking price of  $104,500 with MLS#: 619336.  It will probably go for around their original purchase price of 84K.

Long term owners might recall that both Waterstone and the NCC Board were subject to a long running civil suit by the blog author for violating at least 3 sections of the condo regulations governing rental of units here.  The condo Developer and BOD controlled by the Developer, allowed Waterstone to use their condos as dorms for imported overseas workers employeed by Marriott in PCB.  Both refused to comply with existing condo regulations and a suit was filed.

Waterstone settled first and over a year later the condo settled and paid me $7,000 for my filing fees and legal expenses**.  

Extensive details at:

* Name changed 2009 to NCPCB INVESTMENTS, LLC then it was "ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT - 09/24/2010"
** Such civil suits against a condo require the loser to pay all costs of litigation (ie: "loser pays"), this per Florida Statutes and also the condo documents.