Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2nd NCC Lien for #101 is now cancelled

On 2/21/13 NCC filed a lien for $2,466 against Salman Ali, owner of #101. As of 4/2/14 the lien and sale are now cancelled.  

This unit is a 4/3 and it was originally purchased 10/16/06 for $179,900, yearly taxes run $1,685. NCC also has a 2nd lien for $1,670.75 filed 7/1/10.
Mr Ali was also the subject of 2 State of Florida Dept of Revenue liens, one in 2008 for $4,536 and one in 2011 for $2,209, each for non payment of 'sales/use tax'. Both of these liens were subsequently satisfied.