Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is being listed for sale at NCC

#105, a 4/3, 2nd floor, is available at an asking price of $117,500 under MLS #: 616356
Price has not changed since being added to site on 1/21/2014.  Unit was formerly owned by David and Amy original sale price on 10/5/2006 of $184,900.

#1602, a 3/2, ground floor, for $98,000 under MLS #: 614614, Owners are Steve and Carrie Weeks.  Price has not changed since being added again to site on 2/12/2014, it was listed as of 11/12/13 for sale "As Is, Short Sale" at $94,000 purchased 2/15/07 for $164,900.

Fannie Mae asks $99,000 for #615

On June 27, 2013, #615, a 3/2 upstairs unit, was taken in a foreclosure action by Fannie Mae for $57,800.  (ie: they bid on their own foreclosure)

This unit was one that NCC had filed liens on for past due condo payments, it was subsequently auctioned by NCC and purchased by Gordon Harris (for $9,500) who got a certificate of title from the County.  The unit could not be sold by Harris as Fannie Mae also had it up for foreclosure getting a Final Judgement for $186,639.79 and had a superceeding claim to it.
As of Jan 30, 2014, the unit is now up for sale by Fannie Mae for $99,000. MLS #616523.  It will probably sell for around $82,000 as such foreclosures usually go for 45-55% of the original sale price.

The original owner was Peachy Gayatin who purchased the condo on 11/10/06 for $168,200.