Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just For the Record:

Who is the Nautilus Cove Developer?

On Feb 13, 2004 Gulf Boulevard Partners Ltd was created and on Dec 14, 2005 the then Gulf Boulevard Partners, Ltd amended their Certificate of Limited Partnership and had a name change to Nautilus Development Partners, LLLP. and on 12/31/09 the name was changed again with an Amended and Restated Certificate of Limited Partnership to SAS Nautilus Cove Managers LLC

A look at the Florida records at http://sunbiz.org brings in several other names. 

All these name changes brings to mind the old Abbott and Costello standup comic routine of "Who is on first" or perhaps the game of trying to find which shell the pea is under.

What is the correct condo name?

It is not: Nautilus Cove Resort or Nautilus Cove Apartments.  The condo name as filed with the Florida Dept of Corporations on 4/12/06, and reflected in the 7 pages of the Articles of Corporation for a Florida Non Profit Corporation states that the condo is called Nautilus Cove Condominium Association, Inc.   The initial slate of Directors named were: Price, Brock and Missigman, all appointed by the Developer.

Is Nautilus Cove a HOA?

No it is not a Home Owners Association (HOA).  NCC is a Condominium Association (CA).

Q)  How many developer units remain unsold?
A)  56 (plus #708 which the developer bought back from an owner and it is now held under the name Nautilus 708, LLC)

Moved up the blog from Sept 8, 2013

Unit #708, a 3/2, (Bill Harris) has been sold 85% furnished, via Pelican Realty to the condo developer Nautilus Development Partners LLLP, and titled under: Nautilus 708, LLC*, for $93,000, which is 56% of original sale price of unit. (no comm paid by seller).  Original sale price was $165,900 in May 2007. 

Owner Harris was a frequent critic of Concord Management and the developer, and was standing for the Board in the 2013 election on a platform of removing Concord from managing the complex.   With the 1/11/13 sale the composition of the 2013 Board will remain the same as it is now with Owners Mrs Simmons (#802) and Mr DiGiacomo (#616) and one developer appointed Board member.

This blog site was established in December of 2007, has 300 posts and it will remain up and open although it will not be updated with any frequency as blog author (myself - Bill Harris) has no further connection with Nautilus Cove.

It is said that the 2 happiest days in the life of a boat owner are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it.  This also applies to condo owners.  Unfortunately this turn of events means that the Developer and Concord remain in charge of the condo and the poor management will continue.
* Managers are:  MISSIGMAN, PAUL M. and PRICE, DEAN C. II