Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#206 on the market for $109,900, #104 to be auctioned Jan 16th

Misc Info:    Jan 11th is the first annaversary of this blog owners having sold his condo (#708) back to the deveolper and he is pleased to be 'gone' from NCC even if it meant a $78,000 loss over what he paid for it in 2007.


Unit #206, formerly Jennifer Jones (a 3/2 ground floor courtyard side unit next to the pool) is on the market as of 1/6/14 for an asking price of $109,900, under MLS #: 615905

The unit had a 'Final Judgment' entered for Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, for $199,474.48 and the unit was then sold at auction Oct 31. 2013 for a winning bid $42,600 by the mortgage holder.  It will probably go for 45-55% of the original sale price.  Additional info is on this blog at a post on 11/2/13.

On Dec 3rd a Judgment was entered against Roberta Jones, #104, now of Kisimmee, Fla. for $149,362.61. The unit will be sold at auction on January 16, 2014 at 11:00 a.m.  The unit is a 4/3 ground floor and was sold originally on 12/12/06 for $184,900.  Taxes on such units are usually $930 with no homestead exemption and $506 with an exemption.

Normally the holder of the mortgage will buy back the condo for $100 and put it on the market for about 50% of the original sale price.

Case #:13000418CA
Final Judgment Amount:$149,362.61
Parcel ID:40000-100-004
Property Address:13700 PC BCH PKWY 104
Assessed Value:$84,150.00
Plaintiff Max Bid:Hidden