Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something that might be of interest to all residents at Nautilus Cove

I had an interesting email today from an owner here who was quoting something that had been sent on and I thought it and my reply might be of some interest to readers. I have omitted the name of the person who sent me the email.

Bill Harris, 708


Subject:  Sad News 
Date:  9/13/2012 2:14:00 P.M
From:  redacted 

I just received the following from one of our owners and thought you should know about this.
Someone recently told me they were thinking of buying in our community but due to Mr. Harris's blog they declined. It was upsetting to hear the negative thoughts they had received. I really feel upset over how we are perceived due to someone's negative information. Just thought I would share this information it was upsetting to me..

due to Mr. Harris's blog they declined
They made the right decision.
Thank you for your email it deserves a comprehensive reply and I am pleased to take an hour out to respond in detail.
As long as you, as a BOD member, keep Concord Management running this complex it will not be a fit place to buy a condo.
Their 3 year sweetheart contract is up next year (Oct 4th I believe) and whoever is on that 2013 board MUST see that Concord Management gets tossed out.
They work for the Developer and NOT for our Owners. We are paying them a heck of a lot for very little work for us here at Nautilus Cove. I am going to attach something that you may have seen before, but it tells everyone exactly who Concord Management Ltd works for and I intend to make sure that each and every Owner here at the condo gets a copy of this ** they may not read it but they sure will get it.

I and a heck of a lot of other Owners have had more than enough of this foolishness from Concord and Ms Turnipseed. I have absolutely NO doubt whatsoever that it was her that posted on my message board the negative information about the former employee Mr Holland and an Owners husband (http://nautiluscove.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general). She is a totally disruptive and un-cooperative person. I know this from many sources including my own contacts with her.
I will continue to be entirely negative towards Concord until they are gone which I hope is with the new 2013 Board of Directors and you can email a copy of this the person who complained and anyone else you would like.
I have had no use for Concord and the Developer since my inquiry many years ago to both management firms (Concord & Seagrove), the BOD and the Pres of Concord Management about the 4/16/08 2 minute 'Emergency' BOD meeting* (I asked what the 'Emergency' was), while no one officially responded to me the Mr. Jones, the realtor you like from Pelican, emailed me that they didn't have to tell me and one of the Pelican realtors told me that the Developer said: "it was none of my business". Until then I had little interest in Concord, since then I have and I will see that they will not remain as our management firm.
If you are interested in what my best guess on the 'why' of this Emergency meeting was necessary, it is that Concord Management did not have a certified Community Assn Mgr on our site when they took over from Seagrove, which is violation of DBPR regulations and they could be heavily fined and they wanted 'out' on a temporary basis ASAP (ie: before anyone noticed) so they gave it back to Seagrove for a few months.
As you know NCC is no longer an 'approved FHA/HUD' complex, this rating expired a year ago and it has nothing to do with my blog but has to do with the number of rentals here v. owner occupancy (it is about 80% rental) and our long standing delinquency rate. I also just lost the sale of my condo on a VA loan. Our condo is just not certifiable anymore so lenders are not anxious to write loans for NCC units. You might remember my having written to you about a month ago when a Mr. Coulson from Atlanta had his bid for 515 fall through, he wrote:
"Two Banks have refused loans in Nautilus Cove.
We were approved for the loans, but FHA has dropped the complex from the approved list of FHA approved Condos, so an FHA loan could not be obtained.
Reason: Financial Status not updated.

Second Conventional Loan not approved because too many rentals, developer owned units, and current financial status of the Association."

The units here are not easily sold despite prices being 45% of original, mine was almost sold at 54% of original price and went down the tubes Monday.
So please tell your little friend (probably Realtor Jones) that the decision of the person not to consider NCC was probably the correct one, at least until we can unload Concord Mis-Management and get someone else.
And if you are interested in who might come in, take a look at: http://nccmanagementcompany.blogspot.com/ Nearly 2 years ago I asked the Continental Group to take a look at our complex and write a proposal as to what they could do for us, they did 24 pages just on spec. Their firm is the local representative of one that has over 1 MILLION managed units in several countries, Concord has perhaps 32,000 managed units in 7 states (a couple of states it is 1 complex).
I have never met with anyone from Continental, have no connection to them and don't care if they, or some other management firm takes over, I just know that we don't need a snotty CAM in the office representing the Developer and his 'Team' of companies.
Bill Harris

(NOTE: This is the infamous 2 minute meeting in which one management firm was fired and another appointed. Both management firms and the BOD have repeatedly refused to provide any info as to why one firm was fired and the other hired. Something has always smelled here.)

Nautilus Cove Condominium Assn, Inc. Emergency Board Meeting
Unapproved Minutes

Date: April 16, 2008


Seagrove on the Beach Property Management office, 5311 E. Co. Hwy 30-A, Santa, Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Call to Order:
Association Manager Ross Pritchett called meeting to order at 2:01 p.m. Central Time.

Board Members Present:
Dean Price and Jim Klohn via speakerphone. Jennifer Jones could not make the meeting, but replied to Ross Pritchett by email with her recommendation to rehire Seagrove on the Beach Property Management as the HOA manager.

Others Present:
Ross Pritchett and Samantha Jarrett- Seagrove on the Beach Property Management – Association Managers.

Establish Quorum:
A quorum was established with two of the three board members present via speakerphone. Both members waived notice.

Reinstatement of Management Company:
Dean Price moved that the association reinstate the management agreement with Seagrove on the Beach effective today April 16, 2008. (Update: this change only lasted until July 1, 2008 and the BOD fired Seagrove 'again' and Concord was rehired) Jim Klohn seconded. Motion passed 2 Yes. Voting Yes was Dean Price and Jim Klohn.

Jim Klohn moved to adjourn. Dean Price seconded. Meeting adjourned at 2:03 p.m.

Submitted by: Ross Pritchett, CAM Association Manager

** for the best copy go to their site at: