Thursday, March 17, 2011

Condo Insurance Costs - Water Billing

It is getting close to the time to renew my condo insurance for the year.  The company I used for the past 4 years is not writing this year, an associated firm (same clowns, different name on the tent) is making itself available through my Allstate agent.

Last few years the cost was high $500's and last year it was $608.15.  This time the quote for the same insurance with this slightly different firm was $556.  I then had the agent tweek it and get the 'Personal Property' down from the insured level of 50k to 15K and the 'Loss of Use' down from 20k to 6k.  The rate then dropped to $381.99.  So that is $175 a year saved (31 extra Big Mac meals).

Now if the BOD will get the water usage changed to individual billings, rather than lumping it into the dues, we can knock down the quarterly dues by $400-500 a year (but of course each unit would then pick up a seperate bill for water usage - actual savings is about $200 a year).  Those who use a lot of water will then have to pay for it rather than having everyone pay the same cost for water usage.