Friday, October 7, 2011

New Revised Condo Ref. Materials available "FREE" from State of Florida!

Free Condo Info Available:

The Florida Dept of Business and Professional Regulation has a new edition of their CD "Condominium Educational and Reference Materials" (rev 3/2011). You can obtain a free copy of this CD and/or other materials using the below information.  Those attending the Jan 2011 AGM/BOD meeting got the then current CD along with various other handout materials.  Now a newer edition of this CD is available 'free'.

Request a CD - Condominium Educational Publications in English and Spanish are now available in CD-Rom format. You may request a copy by selecting this link. Please include your full mailing address and whether you are requesting the English or Spanish version. Here is the click on line to email your request:"
Pull up this DBPR site for information on various condo matters and to obtain other documents put out by the State:

Florida Laws and that Affect Rentals and Landlords Legal Rights

Florida Landlord Tenant Law:


Florida Landlord Tenant Law from FL Consumer:

For an article on how Foreclosure works go to:

What are a renter's rights in Foreclosure:


If you are looking for interesting sites with condo information you might take a look at a site by south Florida lawyers Becker and Poliakoff.  They handle a lot of condo issues and if you click on their 'Publications' link you will find links to Newsletters, Articles and blogs where you can spend hours reading up on various interesting topics.