Saturday, November 6, 2010

Case #09-002153-CA Closed

The CAHOURS/HUPP case #09-002153CA ended yesterday.  This is the suit where 2 Owners sued the Association over stolen motorcycles, taken from the parking lot when both the gates and the CCTV were broken.  Since it was a joint dismissal a reasonable guess would be that it was in some manner settled, these details are not reflected in the court filings and unless you know one of the parties and they tell you then details may remain unknown.  There was no expenditure of funds for lawyers costs to the Association as the litigation was handled by the insurance company for the Condo Association. 

11/3/2010 CASE CLOSED
11/3/2010 ORDER OF DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE - Recorded (OR.3281.1340 / 2010058425)
full details at:
Only my suit against the Association remains, this is now into its 3rd year and involves the rental of condos in violation of many sections of our documents.  The part of the case against the Waterstone Resort Realty, the owner of those 4 condos (now foreclosed and resold) used by labor contractors as dorms for overseas workers, was settled several months ago, the Association half of the case continues as no response was ever made to my lawyers efforts to settle with the Condo.  Further actions will be made in the new year if the new BOD does not agree to a settlement.  The prior settlement offer was for the Condo to pay $6,500 of my costs and an agreement that the BOD will enforce the Condo documents as regards to rentals of units here at NCC.  By both Condo documents and Florida law, this is a loser pays all sort of case.  Details are found at: and