Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Misc FYI:

I see that there is now a 3rd eviction pending on the units rented out for the developer, the latest cites MONILLI, LLC as the party that Nautilus Development Partners LLP wants to evict. Details at: http://records2.baycoclerk.com/courtcaseweb/CaseDetail.aspx?txt=nautilus+d&ps=50&m=name&s=4&caseid=2339744 2 prior evictions have been closed out earlier this year and of course there was the 'meth lab' duo who were evicted last year, both of them are still in prison.
A big 'Hello' is due to some of our regular readers. I noticed today that 'Northbridge Apartments - Concord Management' has been spending some quality time on the blogs, both this one and the Target Sucks blog. Always good to have them looking in, maybe they will even learn something?

When you look in at this blog and most other blog and internet sites you will probably be recorded by a 'site meter' (I use 2 different ones) which, depending on the type, will log in who is looking in, their city/state/country, what they looked at, how long they stayed, where they came from, where they went and the set up of their computer.

In the case of those looking in from static ISP's you get the name of the company as their ISP number never changes, those from individual computers, whose ISPs change everytime they log off/on, do not provide the name of the registered user, just the info listed above. So I may know that someone from Northport, Al has looked in X # of times but not know who it is by name, and of course when Northbridge or Target are on site I do know their company name as they are using their own firms computers to drop by.