Saturday, October 17, 2009

Owners Complaint to the Florida Dept of Business & Professional Regulation

Regular readers of this blog know that the Board of Directors and Officers of the Assn. (they are the same 3 people for the 7 positions) are worthless and have no interest in the running of the condo. Here is another example of how disinterested they are. Further down in the blog you will find a copy of my inquiry to the BOD asking when the 2nd owner would be elected to the BOD.
I never expected a reply and of course none was forthcoming. Having complied with the requirement to send it via 'certified mail' and having the required 30 days pass, I then filed with the Florida DBPR Bureau of Compliance, a formal complaint, about the BOD's failure to address the matter as they are required to do.

As you can see from the attached letter from the DBPR Investigator the matter has now been taken up by the State and a failure to reply to them may result in serious problems for the BOD.

Double click for larger image or print out.

Lower down on the blog, at the two September 2, 2009 posts, you will find information about how to file such a complaint. The State will only investigate violations of law, not violations of condo regulations, many times they are the same thing but if your complaint involves only the condo documents they can not assist you.