Thursday, July 10, 2014

#1208 is again subject to an eviction.
This time around Lynette Waters and Clay Corbitt are getting the boot.  

In Jan. 2012 it was Kerry Franklin and Marlo Hamilton.  Is that unit jinxed or perhaps Concord will just rent to anyone?


NCC still on the market for a 

bulk sale of 57 units.

As of Aug. 4, 2014 NCC was still on the market for a bulk sale of 57 units for $6,840,000.  Listing ID #17468613

Dean Price at Global Realty Company, L.L.L.P. is the person to contact if you have an extra 7 million you want to dump into a down realty market.

This has been reported on several times, you can see it also at "Pssst - Wanna buy 56 slightly used condos" dated 2/4/12.  It seems that the complex is just not saleable.  

To see other reports on this issue put 'bulk sale' into the white search bar at the top left of the blog site.

Financial Summary - Actual - Year 2013

Scheduled Gross Income  $755,849
Effective Gross Income  $605,284
Operating Expenses  $362,528
Net Operating Income  $242,759
Pre-Tax Cash Flow  $242,759
Price:  $6,840,000
No. Units:  57
Building Size:  75,586 SF
Price/Unit:  $120,000

Take a look at the listing at: