Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#705 liened by NCC for past due assessments

#705 has been a problem unit since it was initially sold 12/11/06 to Juan Reyes for $168,200. Now it is yet again liened by Nautilus Cove for $3,430.75 in past due condo dues.

Brian Gibson, of Camillia, Ga, purchased the condo 5/6/13 from Deutsche Bank for $80,000 and it seems that nothing was ever paid in dues. Now the condo assn. is again liening the unit. This is a 3/2 ground floor parking lot view.

As with all units or names you can find all the references to it by using the blog search feature at the top left of the site.  Just enter 705 and bring up all mentions of this or any other unit.