Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All 3 are Concord managed - read the ratings, comment or add your own

Nautilus Cove has a 31% approval rating, see:
Misc:  Might be worth looking at recent posts on this site about NCC and the problem with kids on the property.

Stone Harbor has a 37% approval rating, see:  Just a quote from one of the reviews gives a good summary:  "This place sucks".

If you have any interest in the management firm Concord, you can take a look at how their 'Flagship' property is rated in Orlando.  Don't be fooled by the 57% approval, you will see some 5.0 ratings that are obviously put up by shills for the company.

Northbridge Apartments has a 49% approval rating, see:   (Here is a hint:  "Northbridge is the perfect example of an incompetent management staff filling a property with low rent minority section 8 cases"  Keep in mind that this property is the Flagship Concord property, it would NOT have as high a rating without the shills on staff writing phoney reviews to increase their score.

Read more:  Just ignore the murders there or for more info see: