Friday, July 13, 2012

What has sold so far this year?

SOLD:  #403 for 80K and #405 for 87K.  

Both are 4/3 foreclosures.  Info on buyers is known but will be available on site when Bay County publishes the new owner info, usually that takes 6 weeks from time the documents are signed.  Both new Owners got the usual good deals available when buying foreclosures.  Sales of non-foreclosed units are nil and probably will remain so as long as foreclosures can be picked up for 40-50% or original sale prices.

307 Lighthouse Rd (was Cahours, then Fannie Mae)
bedrooms:  3,  bathrooms:  3

(Sold for  $101,803)

403 Cape Cod Dr (was Diniz, now HSBC Bank - short sale)
bedrooms: 4, bathrooms: 3
MLS: #505887, Priced $180,000 on 4/24, Priced now: $90,000 down from $105,000
(SOLD $80K)

405 Cape Cod Dr (was Kennedy, now Fannie Mae)
bedrooms: 4, bathrooms, 3
MLS: #xxxxx, Price $80,000 as of 5/15/12 ( SOLD 87K)